Friday, April 18, 2014

Hip Hop Controversies Reading

Hope you all had a good week, and made some progress on your final project plans during the time we did not have class.

The readings for this week are focused on the work of Dr. Tricia Rose, one of the most significant contemporary scholars on Black youth culture.  Your blog should focus on these three texts:

1) Google Trice Rose and check out her story.  Who is she and what is she about?  What is she best known for and what is her primary position on the contemporary world of hip hop in the US? What other scholars are "on her team," so to speak?

2) Watch this short YouTube text that offers a great introductory context to issues of representation and Blackness, in the context of contemporary hip hop. It gives some history and makes an strong argument about race, class and gender.

3) Read this Q&A with Tricia Rose from TIME magazine.

Use everything you discover for your blog this week. You can use one of the blog prompts or write freely this week as you talk about the texts.

See you on Wednesday night!

LB :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Queer Youth Readings

Hi folks,

For this week I want you to explore the following sections of Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy that talk about Queer Representation in the Media

Queer Representation in the Media
Queer Representation in Film and Television
Pink Dollar Marketing
Strategies for Engaging

Use your blog to discuss the key issues that these texts raise (you can write freely this week without using a prompt if you prefer.)  These texts will provide the tools we need to analyze and interpret the meanings and messages that currently exist in mainstream and alternative popular culture that representation LGBT issues, people and themes.

See you on Wednesday!

LB :)

Just a few Resources for you to have:

The Russo Test

Study Guide to Further Off the Straight and Narrow
(we will be watching this in class)

The Celluloid Closet

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Museum of the American Teenager!!!

Hey everyone,

Looking forward to the museum set up (4:00) and reveal (6:00) on Wednesday, March 26th in Donovan.  We will meet in the President's Dining Room at 4:00 to hang posters and prepare for the exhibits.

I will have cards printed to hang below each poster that look something like this:

Museum of the American Teenager
GEND 354 & HIST 327 — Spring 2014

Teenagers and the Punk Rock Movement
Curator: Kelly Lyman

Please review the list below and leave a comment if you want to change the title (make it more evocative or clever, please!) or if I have messed up your names/spelling/group, etc!  I need all changes by Wednesday at noon so I can print.

Exhibit: Teens and the Punk Rock Movement
Curator: Kelly Lyman

Exhibit: Heavy Metal Music
Curator: Sierra Sant’Anna

Exhibit: Representation of LGBTQ Teens
Curator: Jacki Carlson

Exhibit: Cellular Phone and Text Messaging
Curator: Seaniah Ballah

Exhibit: Teens and Social Media
Curator: Hecmy Jose

Exhibit: Columbine and School Shootings
Curators: Alexandria Serapiglia and Tanya Serapiglia

Exhibit: The Dream Act and Immigration
Curator: Jess Bourget

Exhibit: Teen Pop Stars
Curators: Jennifer Crandall, Jenna Rebello and Briana Pari

Exhibit: Teens and the Rise of Prescription Medication
Curator: Nicole Connolly

Exhibit: Internet Bullying
Curators: Jessica Harrow, Heidi Samayoa and Lauren Veyera

Exhibit: Teen Sexuality Education
Curator: Christina Spicola

Exhibit: Teen Pregnancy

Curator: Cedar Hayes

LB :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Class for March 19th

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a good break.  As you are preparing for class on Wednesday, focus your energies on the Museum Project.  I did not send you the texts that are listed in the syllabus per our conversation in class last week that you would likely need the time and focus for the exhibits.

Looking forward to seeing the DRAFT OF YOUR POSTER in class on Wednesday!!  We will be reviewing and critiquing them together so please have a mock up we can all look at!

See you Wednesday

LB :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Summary of Museum Design Resources

Be Brief, focus content, skimability, short and sweet (no more than 3 minutes worth of content)

Use direct engagement and humor with care (don't offend)

Exhibits take 4 steps: PLAN, START, EDIT, EVALUATION

Start with Questions or Statement (not a paragraph)
Capture people's curiosity

Use bold lettering, different size fonts, bullets
Use large font
  • 150 pt font for headers
  • 76 for subheaders
Use more than one content delivery method (add objects, music, video, etc)

Be creative: use image, color, layering of information
Layer your content:  but DON'T USE WORDS OVER PICTURES!
Color: Use contrast to make things stand out, images in different color palette
Use a color wheel!!
Good picture quality (be careful not to u

Rule of Thirds: Things that are slightly offset are more visually pleasing
Rule of Odd Numbers: group things by 3 or 5 if you can

Increase interaction with people (candy, information give-aways)
Include pull down, pop up books

TEACH PEOPLE SOMETHING:  Base exhibit on an educational objective

Tell a story to entertain, inform and enlighten

Should teach in a way that changes people lives for the better
Address what readers would like to know

*ART: Audience, Resource, Techniques

No Comic Sans font (looks unprofessional)