Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Summary of Museum Design Resources

Be Brief, focus content, skimability, short and sweet (no more than 3 minutes worth of content)

Use direct engagement and humor with care (don't offend)

Exhibits take 4 steps: PLAN, START, EDIT, EVALUATION

Start with Questions or Statement (not a paragraph)
Capture people's curiosity

Use bold lettering, different size fonts, bullets
Use large font
  • 150 pt font for headers
  • 76 for subheaders
Use more than one content delivery method (add objects, music, video, etc)

Be creative: use image, color, layering of information
Layer your content:  but DON'T USE WORDS OVER PICTURES!
Color: Use contrast to make things stand out, images in different color palette
Use a color wheel!!
Good picture quality (be careful not to u

Rule of Thirds: Things that are slightly offset are more visually pleasing
Rule of Odd Numbers: group things by 3 or 5 if you can

Increase interaction with people (candy, information give-aways)
Include pull down, pop up books

TEACH PEOPLE SOMETHING:  Base exhibit on an educational objective

Tell a story to entertain, inform and enlighten

Should teach in a way that changes people lives for the better
Address what readers would like to know

*ART: Audience, Resource, Techniques

No Comic Sans font (looks unprofessional)

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