Friday, April 18, 2014

Hip Hop Controversies Reading

Hope you all had a good week, and made some progress on your final project plans during the time we did not have class.

The readings for this week are focused on the work of Dr. Tricia Rose, one of the most significant contemporary scholars on Black youth culture.  Your blog should focus on these three texts:

1) Google Trice Rose and check out her story.  Who is she and what is she about?  What is she best known for and what is her primary position on the contemporary world of hip hop in the US? What other scholars are "on her team," so to speak?

2) Watch this short YouTube text that offers a great introductory context to issues of representation and Blackness, in the context of contemporary hip hop. It gives some history and makes an strong argument about race, class and gender.

3) Read this Q&A with Tricia Rose from TIME magazine.

Use everything you discover for your blog this week. You can use one of the blog prompts or write freely this week as you talk about the texts.

See you on Wednesday night!

LB :)

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