Sunday, March 23, 2014

Museum of the American Teenager!!!

Hey everyone,

Looking forward to the museum set up (4:00) and reveal (6:00) on Wednesday, March 26th in Donovan.  We will meet in the President's Dining Room at 4:00 to hang posters and prepare for the exhibits.

I will have cards printed to hang below each poster that look something like this:

Museum of the American Teenager
GEND 354 & HIST 327 — Spring 2014

Teenagers and the Punk Rock Movement
Curator: Kelly Lyman

Please review the list below and leave a comment if you want to change the title (make it more evocative or clever, please!) or if I have messed up your names/spelling/group, etc!  I need all changes by Wednesday at noon so I can print.

Exhibit: Teens and the Punk Rock Movement
Curator: Kelly Lyman

Exhibit: Heavy Metal Music
Curator: Sierra Sant’Anna

Exhibit: Representation of LGBTQ Teens
Curator: Jacki Carlson

Exhibit: Cellular Phone and Text Messaging
Curator: Seaniah Ballah

Exhibit: Teens and Social Media
Curator: Hecmy Jose

Exhibit: Columbine and School Shootings
Curators: Alexandria Serapiglia and Tanya Serapiglia

Exhibit: The Dream Act and Immigration
Curator: Jess Bourget

Exhibit: Teen Pop Stars
Curators: Jennifer Crandall, Jenna Rebello and Briana Pari

Exhibit: Teens and the Rise of Prescription Medication
Curator: Nicole Connolly

Exhibit: Internet Bullying
Curators: Jessica Harrow, Heidi Samayoa and Lauren Veyera

Exhibit: Teen Sexuality Education
Curator: Christina Spicola

Exhibit: Teen Pregnancy

Curator: Cedar Hayes

LB :)