Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Museum of the American Teenager

Here is the document I created with all of the information about out Museum Project.  Our goal is to tell a STORY ABOUT TEENAGERS through a range of exhibits that we will display in a public place on campus.

List your topic, your group members, and (at least) 5 resources you have found about your topic. Include links so you can start to use your blog as a place to collect your research!

As of our class time on 2/26, we will have exhibits on the following topics:
  • Teens and the Punk Rock Movement (Kelly)
  • Heavy Metal Music (Sierra)
  • Teens and the Crisis of Masculinity (Jacki)
  • Cellular Phone and Text Messaging (Seaniah) 
  • Teens and Social Media (Hecmy)
  • Columbine and School Shootings (Ally and Tanya)
  • Dream Act and Immigration (Jess)
  • Teen Pop Stars (Jennifer, Jenna, Briana)
  • Teen Depression, Suicide and the Rise of Prescription Medication (Nicole)
  • Internet Bullying (Jessica, Heidi and Lauren)
  • Teen Sexuality Education (Christina)
  • Teen Pregnancy (Cedar)
  • Young People and Popular Culture at Turn of the Century (1900-1920)
    • Jonathan Galli, Lindsey Walsh, 
  • Young People and Popular Culture in the 1920s
    • Lexi Gordon, Cassandra Michael
  • Young People and Popular Culture in the 1950s
    • Forth Bugge, Nicholas DeRosa and Dean Donovan
  • Young People and Popular Culture in the 1960s
    • Kevin Deleon, Zak Pereira, Eric Torres
If you do not have a topic, please email me to figure out what you can contribute to the museum.

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